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We are glad to welcome you on the web-site of our Bengal cats catteryBengArt”!

bengal catThe Bengal breed, generously given us by nature, has become one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Many people dream to buy a Bengal kitten, anticipating the joy from communication with him!

Exclusive cat with leopard pattern, unique for each animal, for its unusual beauty owes the genes of its ancestors, wild Asian leopard cats (Felis bengalensis or ALC), purposefully crossed with domestic cats, who have provided its rich experience of living with people.

Our Bengal cats cattery highly appreciates this unique gift of nature and the goal of our program is breeding very healthy and powerful Bengal cats with great “Bengal” temperament, good wild type and bright leopard pattern.

We very carefully select our studs and queens, who have good blood lines of leading Bengal catteries, so in our cattery you can buy a healthy and high grade “little leopard”.

We invite all of you, captivated by fantastic image of spotted elegant cat, to have a look at our cats, bred in our family with love, care, warmth and communication.

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